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Lia Lynn Rosen

Lia Lynn Rosen Lia Lynn Rosen is an artist, art and Jewish educator, and longtime member of HaMakom. She lived in Israel as a bat-mitzvah, was an early member of the Havurah movement, and the Women's Minyan of Minneapolis. Lia has studied with feminist theologian Rachel Adler, Rabbi Levi Kelman of Jerusalem's Cong. Kol haNeshama, Jay Rovner of the JTS Library, and is a pioneer in the expression and integration of new ceremonial art-forms as an expressions of spirit in Jewish life, through her work, Clay Kodesh Arts and Learning and

"I consider myself very lucky to have had wonderful guidance throughout my life, especially in the realms of art and spirit. A few of the many artists and teachers who have assisted me on my path include the late Don Hunt, and Dean Schwarz, Jerry Brody, Lynn Gottlieb and Malka Drucker."


Lia Lynn Rosen is a noted creative clay artist-educator and Jewish guide/yotzeret, whose work integrates love of art, spirit, community and social change. Raised in the Midwest, the daughter of a pioneering computer scientist and an artist-painter, Lia's home valued and nurtured art, intellect and the natural surroundings. Her family spent her 13th year in Haifa, Israel, where her father was a Fulbright Scholar, and Lia became fluent in Hebrew ("virtual bat-mitzvah"!). Her experience living in Israel and three subsequent visits have changed her life and worldview. Lia holds a deep compassion for the Middle East, and an abiding commitment to pursuing peace and justice, there and in all communities of need.

Lia's high school pottery teacher, the late Don Hunt, introduced her to Bauhaus protege, Dean Schwartz, of Iowa's South Bear Pottery School. Intensive studies there over 5 summers nurtured her study of traditional and contemporary arts, fine craftsmanship and art history, including an introduction to Mimbres pottery and the painting of Georgia O'Keeffe.

She eventually moved to New Mexico to pursue scholarship in ancient Southwest pueblo pottery art tradition with Dr. J J Brody, who mentored her in an amazing artistry in clay, still little known in the art or pottery worlds, as it remains the purview of archaeologists. The narrative and geometric paintings inside these (mostly bowl) forms guided her own integration of form, design, spirit and painting; and transformed for her what is possible in the spiritual and clay arts.

A parallel path for Lia has been her commitment to Jewish women's and artists' empowerment and recognition in transforming Jewish life. She has been lucky to be mentored by powerful leaders and teachers such as Levi Weiman-Kelman, and Rabbis Rachel Adler, Lynn Gottlieb and Malka Drucker. While studying at Columbia University Teachers College in the year 2000, she interviewed and wrote in depth on five Jewish, working in media ranging from traditional papercut to film, thus was thus mentored in what a life committed to the arts and Jewish identity may mean [Link to Portraits, here].

Her current work is an integration of clay teaching in the rural communities of New Mexico, private classes and commissions in her studio, and a new branch: Jewish learning, integrating Jewish prayer-practice, Hebrew language and the arts, with a mindfulness and gratitude for the natural world as one of the many blessings in our lives. Lia considers Judaism one of many Wisdom Traditions, and all events and classes at Clay Kodesh welcome those of any background, walking on the Spirit path.

" Ancient potters of many different cultures including the Southwest, North Africa and the Middle East continue to inspire my work. My students are a source of hope for the future; and the shards found on the ground here speak of a 2000 year old clay tradition that is ongoing. It's my hope that my art, teaching and writings can cross the many boundaries that divide us and bring us into "Echad"~ the Oneness we all seek."

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